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Female. Early twenties.
I specialized in human sexuality in college and have done my fair in extra research. You can call me Kate: The Sexpert.
I'm here to honor sexuality, something that many are ashamed of.
Send me your questions, I'll give you my answers.

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The séance is about to begin. We’re not contacting dead individuals, but the dead spirits within the living. The guy who is afraid to eat pussy might as well be dead, as is the girl who won’t kiss her guy after he goes down on her. We’re trying to bring these people back to life, to break the shackles that have confined their sexual beliefs to a small prison built on a foundation of illogical ideas of what sex is and can be. Some will start to open up to exploration and ideas that were once frowned upon and when those spirits from within come back to life, it might be a bit shocking or uncomfortable at first.

“Slap me in the face when you fuck me.”

“When you suck my cock, put your finger in my ass and massage the base of my balls with your thumb.”

“I want you to do whatever you want to me. Whatever you want.”

Does he or she really want me to do that? Yes, they do. It’s not ghosts or your imagination, they’ve been brought back to life! Don’t doubt them or even worse judge them because if you do, you’re going to send these spirits right back to the graveyard where they’re going to rot and never see the light of day. So open up, sit down, get naked and and light a candle. Don’t be afraid, there are much scarier things in life than the things that define who we are. 

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In your arms


In your arms

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i SO need a good fingering right now <3


i SO need a good fingering right now <3

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